Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Challenge #73 Bridgen

Even though my wrist is still very sore from surgery, it's been very hard not to use it since it's my dominant hand. 

This is my first challenge this year! I can't believe I haven't submitted one for 6 months! I like the first one better.

Please note that I have changed the name of my blog to match my business name and the name of my upcoming website, My Creative Mischief. If you were following Bohemia's Beads & Brainstorms, please follow me here!

I have lots to post since the last time, including my journey as a new CZT! 

Finally...An Update!

Hi everyone!
I know I've been gone a while, but I hope I still have followers. :) As you know I have been learning about Zentangle for about a year, and after my last post, I attended the February teacher training in Providence, RI. I am now a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)! 

That training was the ABSOLUTE BEST thing I have done for myself in a long time. I have a much better understanding of the art form and get so much more out of it now. Zentangle is a metaphor for life, and I have been applying  (or at least trying to apply) the principles to my life - slowing down, being deliberate about choices and actions and more. I met some great people from around the world and got plenty of affirmation about my creativity and my abilities to teach and run a business. I can't wait to share what I know with others as I start My Creative Mischief, LLC.

In addition to getting trained, my personal life has been hectic. I have had surgery on both hands in the last 6 weeks. Just last week, my wrist on my dominant hand was cut, making drawing, beading, typing and using a mouse difficult to impossible for now. But once it heals, I'll be better than before.

I'll be uploading pictures of my latest tangles and making a link to the website I'm working on soon (I hope).

Thanx for all the support and well wishes!