Sunday, March 28, 2010

Locked in Frustration!

So I was expecting March to be so much less hectic and stressful than February since the grant I administer closed on Feb. 28th. Silly me! I only had to oversee the final programs, write final reports and close out all the finances. In addition, I'm seeking other funding sources to keep the coalition moving while recruiting new partners. 

Although many of the partners are helpful, nobody knows the ins and outs of the partnership the way I do. That's partly my fault for letting people slide without being able to speak about the group the way they should. That left me with another overwhelming, chaotic, rushed month. I'm excited and hopeful about the future of the community because of the way things are going, but I cannot continue to be the only one responsible for keeping it together. 

I need a personal life that's not squeezed into the few minutes I have between sleep and a 60-hour work week. However, did manage to go out a few times, and I completed the March BJP during the month of March! I was worried that I would get off track early in the year like I did last year. All the chaos of my month must have sparked some creativity as well. Trying to express what I feel couldn't be done with beads alone, so I ended up with embellishments and writing on my piece, too. I liked the process and the end result.

This is definitely more complicated and not as "safe" as the first two. Let me know what you think!